3 Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

The average-quality window can easily last up to 20 years. Things before the 20-year mark, however, can happen. Broken windows are the best reason to replace them as soon as possible, and for emergency situations, the professionals at glass repair minneapolis are ready to help.

Once you have one or more windows replaced, you have a decision to make. Do you replace the rest, too? In some cases, it may be too soon to consider. In others, here are three reasons why it may be time.


Leaks are a top reason to replace windows. Whether your windows are leaking water, air or the sun’s rays, they all show that they are no longer working optimally. Moisture is your house’s public enemy #1 because it leads to rot and mold. When air is leaking in and out of your home, it means your energy bills are likely to increase because you are no longer able to fully control the inside temperature. If you have started to notice the color of your furnishings and furniture fade, it could be due to your windows no longer being able to ward off the sun’s UV rays.


Your house is your home, and for this reason alone, you probably take the time to keep it organized and clean. Over time, though, no matter how many painstaking measures you took to keep your windows immaculate, a point will be reached when it is no longer possible, or at the very least, easy. You probably clean the windows from top to bottom with an old T-shirt and homemade cleaner, but alas, they no longer look stainless. Even using a squeegee on cloudy days does not deliver desirable results anymore. When this point is reached, it may be time to consider replacements that will save you effort and increase the value of your home.


Technology has gained steamed in the last decade, and it is not just electronics and software that has been improved. Household items, including windows, have benefited from these advances, too. Windows that act as a sealant and last longer are on the market, and if you missed the model from two years ago, it is OK. One of the positive effects of fast-moving tech advances is quicker price drops.

Leaks, aesthetics and updates are three signs your windows are ready to be replaced.


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