4 Signs You May Need Sewer Repair

All of the drain pipes that run through your home end up connected at some point to a main sewer line. This is the pipe that carries sewage away from the home and on the path to water reclamation. Leaks or breaks in this line can cause anything from mild to terrible problems. The worst is when you have raw sewage backing up into the house. That takes an environmental cleaning company to sort out if you want to have it handled safely. Below are a few signs that you might be having a sewer problem and can get needed repairs done before the worst happens.

Moist Ground or Brilliant Green Patches of Grass

Areas of the yard that seem to stay soaking wet for no reason could mean that the sewer is leaking water. You might also see areas of greenery that are remarkably more brilliant in color and thicker than any of the surrounding areas. This is foliage that might be getting extra nutrients from a broken sewer line.

Strong Sewer Smell

Sewer smells are very pungent and unpleasant. The odor of sewage anywhere on your property could mean that there is a serious leak or break in the line. Try and find the source area of the smell so that you can direct a plumber to the problem. There is most often a break in the line below the surface of where the odor is coming from.

All or Most Household Drains Are Clogged

When sewers are blocked or broken water has a hard time exiting the home. When enough solids clog the line there will be a point at which the system comes to a halt. If you are fortunate there will not be a backup into the house. One or two clogged lines can happen and be something simple within the smaller drain lines, but having several clogged drains points to a deeper clog in the main sewer pipe.

Large Trees Near Sewer Lines

Having large trees growing near the main sewer line of a house is not an indication there are existing problems, but if you are experiencing serious sewer troubles and there are trees near the line, roots could be growing in and damaging the pipe. These roots will need to be removed and parts of the pipe replaced.

Contact expert sewer repair services like baltimoresewerservices.com if you suspect there is a sewer problem. Schedule a time to have an experienced technician stop by and find out what is wrong.

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