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Most of us can appreciate all the benefits that a properly functioning HVAC system affords us. However, these benefits come at a small cost. In order to keep your system running optimally, it’s important that your practice proper HVAC maintenance on a consistent basis. Luckily, caring for your system is neither costly not time-consuming. However, it does require consistency and routine maintenance.


Change Your Air Filters
Running your HVAC system with air filters that haven’t been changed in six months is akin to trying to push air through a filthy blanket. How much air will flow through an air filter riddled with dirt grime and dust? More than likely, not much. This is why a large part of proper HVAC maintenance is simply changing your air filters regularly. This should typically be done every one to three months.


Keep the Exterior Unit Clean
Most of us don’t think about the exterior unit outside of our homes. However, this unit needs attention too. As the seasons change, it’s not uncommon for leaves and other debris to accumulate on the top of the unit. As a result, it’s a good idea to periodically clear away all the dirt, leaves, and twigs to prevent possible problems from occurring. A stick, twig, or build up of leaves could prevent the fan from turning and causer the unit to malfunction. If you neglect your unit you may have to contact a company like ac repair hampton va.


Service Your HVAC SYstem Annually
You should have an HVAC technician come out and service your HVAC unit annually. Even if your system is running in tip-top condition, this move will all a service tech to inspect the internal parts of your unit and anticipate anything that should be addressed before it becomes a problem. More often than not, prevention is worth a ton of cure.

YOur HVAC unit will continue to serve you for many years if you care for it properly. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to maintain your HVAC system. However, you must be consistent. Air filters need to be changed every three months, if not sooner. You also need to keep the external unit clean. It’s also a good idea to have your unit professionally serviced every year. A service technician has the experience and the training to anticipate problems as well as ensure that the unit is running well.

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