Advice for Moving on a Budget

The thought of moving can often bring feelings of exhaustion, dread and fear. The reality of moving is simply packing, loading and shuffling box after box. Beyond that you have cleaning both old and new residences, working to restore order and nursing a back injury from improper lifting techniques. Some of this stress can be alleviated, such as renting the right moving equipment (complete with heavy duty casters for easy navigation) or hiring a cleaning company to take care of preparing your new space. While these ideas might seem costly, we can help you save money in other areas so you can prioritize your needs.

Many estimates are free.

If you are hesitant to tackle the moving thing on your own or you don’t have the time to pack and transport your entire life in a moving truck, you might consider a quality moving company. Before booking the cheapest advertised services, do your research. Try to get a referral, but definitely call for an estimate. Many times these are offered at no cost, and having someone physically see is needed in order to move you will give you and them a better idea of how to move you safely and efficiently. Make a comparison between estimates and decide on the best.

Try to make money before you spend money.

As you consider your new location, think about the size and space of your belongings and how well they fit into your new home. If you do end up using a moving company, you can save money by only moving what you intend to keep in your new home. Don’t guess at how much furniture you will need or misjudge how it all is going to fit. Draft a layout of your new home and arrange your pieces accordingly. What won’t fit can be sold at a yard sale, online forums, social media sites or taken to a thrift store. Not only will this save on your overall moving costs, but you may also find you have earned enough to purchase a special new piece for the new home.

Rely on free help.

If you choose not to use a moving company or you need to save money by packing everything yourself, invite your friends over for a packing party. A good friend will come to help you out in a jam, but if you throw in some pizza, adult beverages and great conversation, you will find them lined up to get the job done. Use your friendships to help save a few bucks!

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