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How to Select the Best Quiet Cool System

Saving money on cooling costs are what tend to draw people towards a quiet cool system, but the successful transition will require picking the perfect size system to match your cooling needs. Below are a few ways to determine the exact system you need for your home.


Decide On the Preferred Level of Cool

There are three different levels of cooling you can enjoy with quiet cool systems. There are specific details about your home, such as total square footage that will help determine which system works best. A basic system might save a little money, but it will not efficiently cool a large multi-level home in an arid climate. You should make some decisions about how cool you want to keep your home at all times.


How to Measure the Size of the System Needed

The sizes are generally measured using a CFM calculation, or cubic feet per minute. 2 is considered basic, 2.5 better, and 3 is best. Each stage up offers a fan that displaces more air per minute. This increases the circulation and deepens the overall cooling effect. All systems are energy efficient, but you will need an increasingly powerful fan to make an appreciable difference in cooling.


Number of Fans

Large and multi-level homes will require more than one fan to keep the entire space cool. It will be less taxing on the system. Fans can be placed in out of the way areas like attics and the hallways of a second, or third story. You will quickly notice a difference.


Zoning Demands

You will benefit with a better feeling of cool by blocking off zones of the house that are unused for large portions of the day. It will be easier to control the temperature to the desired level. Zoned systems require the installation of more than one fan. This is to make it possible to move the air through the rooms that are closest to the fan.


Climate Matters

The climate you live in will offer clues as to the size and power of a system that is needed to cool the home. Arid, hot, and dry climates will place a high demand on the system during the day, even though the temperatures drop nicely at night. Homes placed along coastlines will have an easier time staying cool without as much effort.

Contact home cooling specialists like Teknik Inc and find out more about a quiet cool system today!

Moving Your Valuable Automobile

Are you the proud owner of a very valuable car? If so, you need to go out of your way to make sure nothing happens to it. There might come a time when you need to move it to a new location that is far away from your current residence. If this is the case, you probably do not want to drive it because the added miles will decrease the value. Therefore, you will need to find a company that is experienced when it comes to shipping cars over long distances. You will find out that many companies are in this line of work. However, you need to be very careful who you hire for this very important job. Hiring the wrong company could be a disaster. Here is how you can locate a car transport company that will ship your vehicle safely.

1. Make contact with other classic car owners in your area.

There are many people who travel around the country and display their classic cars at various conventions. Most of these people do not drive their cars because of the wear and tear that will hurt their car. These people have their prized vehicles professionally transported to the shows where they will be displayed. This is why you need to talk to these people. Ask them for advice about finding an experienced and reputable automobile transport company. Find out the name of the company they use. Have they ever had any problems with this company? Would they recommend that you use them as well? Try to get references for several good car transporters.

2. Do some reading on the website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

You need to get a good idea about the reputation of an auto transport company before you decide to hire them. A great way to do this is to pay a visit to the BBB website. Do a search for auto transport companies. See which ones are rated A+. Do not hire a company with a lower rating than this.

3. Have the drivers of the auto transport company been properly screened?

You need to be sure that the person driving the truck that is carrying your car has an impeccable driving record. Therefore, you must be sure the company is not hiring people to drive their trucks who have very spotty driving records. Ask the company to provide info about their drivers.


Roofing Contractors in Minneapolis

Few homeowners will argue that the most important component of their house is roof. It not only serves an aesthetic function, but it also keeps water and other outside elements from getting inside. While no one likes finding roofing contractors in Minneapolis and paying to replace a roof, the critical function it serves makes the cost worth it.

Perhaps you have spotted a leak in the ceiling and figure it is time to get a new roof. However, there could be many different problems that are causing the leak. Factors that determine whether you need a repair or new roof can vary. Below are a few things that can help you determine if it is time to replace the roof to your home.

1. Your Roof is Over 20 Years Old

According to most experts, a standard roof lasts between 20 and 25 years. Another factor determining whether it is time for a new one is if the old roof was removed and just a single layer of shingles remains. If the roof on your home is older than 20 years and it was installed over several layers, there is a good possibility that you need a new one.

2. Visible Issues with Shingles

A visible inspection of your roof may show that some shingles are curling and buckling. This is another sign that the shingles are beyond their life expectancy and it is time for a new roof. Looking at the slopes of your house where there is direct sunlight, you might notice some shingles are curling. Missing shingles also indicates that your roof is beginning to fail.

3. Granules from Shingles in the Gutters

In addition to the buckling and curling, you might find granules from shingles inside gutters. If the gutters around your house are filled with shingle granules, your roof might be near the end of its life cycle. This is when more granules are lost. Also, check for a darker or inconsistent color on different parts of the roof. This is a telltale sign that granules have worn away.

4. You See Daylight through Roof Boards

If you have an attic, check to see if daylight comes through the roof boards. For obvious reasons, this is not a good sign. If light comes through your roof, cold air, snow and rain can also get inside. Moisture in the insulation is another thing to check.

Either one of these signs could mean it is time to invest in a new roof. Doing nothing does not extend the amount of time you have left. Contacting a roofing expert as soon as possible will put you ahead.

Three Common Things That Can Damage Your Sewer Lines

When the plumbing system in your home works properly, it sends all the waste that you flush down your toilet and any waste that heads down your sink to the sewer. As long as the sewer is in good condition, it will accept that debris and send it into the sewer system and move it a safe distance away from your home. A clog in the sewer line can lead to water backing up, foul odors and other problems. Though you may not know it, there are some common things that can significantly damage your sewer lines.


A number of companies now make wipes that they promise you can safely flush. These wipes let you clean up after using the bathroom easier and can increase your comfort too. The products are similar to baby wipes, which state right on the box not to flush them. While flushing one or two wipes shouldn’t cause too much damage, those wipes can wrap around each other in the pipes and cause clogs to form. Most wipes are not biodegradable and can lead to serious clogs that will take experts to remove.


Young children are often curious, but anytime your child enters the bathroom, you need to keep an eye on him or her. You can look online and see some of the horror stories that parents posted about their kids flushing toys down the toilet. Stuffed animals and larger toys made from metal or plastic can make the toilet back up and flood your bathroom floor with dirty water. Smaller toys can make it through the system and snag on corners or other parts of the pipes. Any debris you flush will reach this spot in the pipe and stop moving, which will lead to back ups.

Tree Roots

Even if you don’t live in the country, you still need to beware of tree roots. Roots reach out to the sewer lines because of the nutrients found in those lines. The tiniest of cracks is large enough for a root to get inside and start growing. That root can crack the line and allow more roots to take hold. You’ll then need to arrange for professionals to use a hydrostatic test pump, a small camera and other devices to find the location of those roots and then treat the roots. Professionals will also use products that keep the roots from reaching the pipes again.

Though you might flush some things down the toilet without thinking twice, you should stop before flushing wipes and keep your kids from flushing their toys. Professionals can fix the clogs caused by all these products and take care of tree roots growing in sewer lines too.

Get Your Home Ready for Spring with These 3 Tips

You know that spring is in the air when you see the first crocuses emerge from the snow. Soon, the daffodils will rise up and the birds will return from the south. It’s exciting when spring begins, of course, but for the homeowner, it also comes with stress. This is especially true if your home has suffered any challenges or damages over the previous seasons. There is no need to worry, however. With a little work, your home can be ready for spring and the warmer weather. Here are few tips to help you get your home ready for spring.

1) Make Major Repairs First

Before you start thinking about beautifying or improving your home, face reality and get any major repairs out of the way. While small repairs can be done by yourself, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by contracting with a well-established, local business to make major repairs, instead of trying to do them yourself and making things worse. For example, for serious issues like mold and mildew in basement Cleveland Ohio, you need to act fast and get repairs done before the new season starts. Find a reputable company like Highlander Waterproofing to take care of these major issues before you take on any smaller projects.

2) Check for Underlying Issues

After the snow melts, take a walk around your house and look for small problems before they get bigger. One common example of this is insect infestation. You may not be paying attention during the winter, but come springtime, the signs of a termite or other infestation will become more evident. Act fast before it gets out of control by contacting a reputable exterminator. You should always try natural, non-lethal alternatives first, but problems like termites need to be treated harshly and quickly. Otherwise, a small problem can quickly turn into a big one.

3) Clean and Repair Outdoor Furniture

Once it warms up, you’ll want to spend more time outside. Make sure that your outdoor furniture is ready for the attention. If you have easy-to-clean furniture made of metal or wicker, just hose it down and make sure no repairs are needed. Furniture made of fabric may need a more thorough cleaning, especially if you made the mistake of leaving it out uncovered all winter. Wash off dirt with a hose and environmentally-friendly soap. If you use bleach or other harsh cleaners, make sure you don’t wash them down the street drain, which often drains right into the nearest body of water.

Don’t let repairs sneak up on you. Be proactive at the beginning of the season. Your home will thank you!