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7 Tips for Perfect Cold Weather Grilling

The wonderful part of investing in a Wolf grill is that you can use this appliance in any season of the year. Cold weather is no excuse to deprive yourself of freshly grilled meats from your back-yard grill station. Below are seven tips that help make winter grilling possible.


Find the Perfect Grill Spot

The location of the outdoor spot to fire up the grill near your home will be vital in both comfort and ease of reaching the right temperatures for cooking. Find a place near the house that is out of the wind, away from the structure, and uncovered. Salt the path you will be walking. It is better to trudge through slush than slip on ice.


Have Extra Propane on Hand

Firing up a grill might seem a little more difficult in the cold, but once it is going, you should be fine. Use a large piece of cardboard to block the wind, if necessary. Keep an extra supply of propane to change out. You will use up to 50 percent more grilling in colder temperatures.


Choose Meats for Fast Cooking

Thin steaks, boneless chicken, and sausage are perfect for cold weather grilling. These types of meat cook fast and eliminate much of the struggle with cold and temperature fluctuations.


Use Heat Retaining Cookware

Cast iron and ceramic cooking and holding containers will keep your meats warm as the remainder cooks. Both can insulate the meat from cold. Cast iron will continue the cooking process, so figure this in with your cooking times.


Add Time to Everything Due to Cold

Overtaking the cold temperatures for perfect grilling results will be the biggest obstacle. Allow 5 to 10 extra minutes for the grill to completely warm before placing any meats on the racks. Provide extra grill time in 5-minute increments to ensure the meat is thoroughly cooked.


Minimally Opening Grill Lid

Avoid the temptation to check on the grilling progress frequently. Every time you lift the lid, cold air flows in, and the appliance has to work that much harder to regain lost heat.


Wear Appropriate Winter Gear

The skies might be bright blue, the sun streaming down on the yard, but the temperatures can be deceptively cold. Dress for the weather while grilling outdoors. Trying to act like you are impervious to the cold conditions can land you with a bad head cold, or sinus infection.


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3 Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

The average-quality window can easily last up to 20 years. Things before the 20-year mark, however, can happen. Broken windows are the best reason to replace them as soon as possible, and for emergency situations, the professionals at glass repair minneapolis are ready to help.

Once you have one or more windows replaced, you have a decision to make. Do you replace the rest, too? In some cases, it may be too soon to consider. In others, here are three reasons why it may be time.


Leaks are a top reason to replace windows. Whether your windows are leaking water, air or the sun’s rays, they all show that they are no longer working optimally. Moisture is your house’s public enemy #1 because it leads to rot and mold. When air is leaking in and out of your home, it means your energy bills are likely to increase because you are no longer able to fully control the inside temperature. If you have started to notice the color of your furnishings and furniture fade, it could be due to your windows no longer being able to ward off the sun’s UV rays.


Your house is your home, and for this reason alone, you probably take the time to keep it organized and clean. Over time, though, no matter how many painstaking measures you took to keep your windows immaculate, a point will be reached when it is no longer possible, or at the very least, easy. You probably clean the windows from top to bottom with an old T-shirt and homemade cleaner, but alas, they no longer look stainless. Even using a squeegee on cloudy days does not deliver desirable results anymore. When this point is reached, it may be time to consider replacements that will save you effort and increase the value of your home.


Technology has gained steamed in the last decade, and it is not just electronics and software that has been improved. Household items, including windows, have benefited from these advances, too. Windows that act as a sealant and last longer are on the market, and if you missed the model from two years ago, it is OK. One of the positive effects of fast-moving tech advances is quicker price drops.

Leaks, aesthetics and updates are three signs your windows are ready to be replaced.


AC Repair Hampton va

Most of us can appreciate all the benefits that a properly functioning HVAC system affords us. However, these benefits come at a small cost. In order to keep your system running optimally, it’s important that your practice proper HVAC maintenance on a consistent basis. Luckily, caring for your system is neither costly not time-consuming. However, it does require consistency and routine maintenance.


Change Your Air Filters
Running your HVAC system with air filters that haven’t been changed in six months is akin to trying to push air through a filthy blanket. How much air will flow through an air filter riddled with dirt grime and dust? More than likely, not much. This is why a large part of proper HVAC maintenance is simply changing your air filters regularly. This should typically be done every one to three months.


Keep the Exterior Unit Clean
Most of us don’t think about the exterior unit outside of our homes. However, this unit needs attention too. As the seasons change, it’s not uncommon for leaves and other debris to accumulate on the top of the unit. As a result, it’s a good idea to periodically clear away all the dirt, leaves, and twigs to prevent possible problems from occurring. A stick, twig, or build up of leaves could prevent the fan from turning and causer the unit to malfunction. If you neglect your unit you may have to contact a company like ac repair hampton va.


Service Your HVAC SYstem Annually
You should have an HVAC technician come out and service your HVAC unit annually. Even if your system is running in tip-top condition, this move will all a service tech to inspect the internal parts of your unit and anticipate anything that should be addressed before it becomes a problem. More often than not, prevention is worth a ton of cure.

YOur HVAC unit will continue to serve you for many years if you care for it properly. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to maintain your HVAC system. However, you must be consistent. Air filters need to be changed every three months, if not sooner. You also need to keep the external unit clean. It’s also a good idea to have your unit professionally serviced every year. A service technician has the experience and the training to anticipate problems as well as ensure that the unit is running well.

What Should I Look For In A Filtration Company?

While there are many products and services that residential property owners need to keep their homes in exemplary condition, high quality filters and filter services are particularly important. Without them, homeowners run the risk of having substandard, impure air flowing through their property. If this happens, you and your loved ones could become susceptible to a wide range of unwanted health challenges, including respiratory issues. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, it’s important to attain filter products and services from a top notch company. Below you’ll find three of many attributes that the best filtration companies will always possess:

1. Substantive Industry Experience.

One attribute that you should look for in a filtration company is substantive industry experience. This attribute is important because the longer a filtration company has been successfully operating, the more likely they are to offer the precise, personalized assistance which ensures that you’ll attain the customized services and high quality products necessary to optimize the condition of your home. You can typically determine how long a filtration company has been operating by checking the company website.

2. Exemplary Customer Service.

In addition to seeking out a filtration company that has been successfully operating for an extended period of time, look for a team of professionals who are known for offering exemplary customer service. This attribute is important because it ensures that you’ll be treated with courtesy and proficiency throughout your dealings with the company in question. Note that great customer service can take the quality of your day from average to awesome while simultaneously ensuring that you obtain the filter products you need with remarkable speed.

3. An Impeccable Reputation.

One final strategy you should deploy to find the ideal filter company is locating a community of professionals who have an impeccable reputation. There are several ways that you can determine what type of reputation a given team has. One is by figuring out whether they have attained accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Note that the professionals of Greenleaf Filtration are BBB accredited. In addition to offering excellent filtration products and services, they are known for providing clients with oil water separators.


If it’s time for you to invest in filter products and services, obtaining them from the right company is important. To ensure that you can, be sure to look for a filtration business that has all of the attributes listed above!

How to Select the Best Quiet Cool System

Saving money on cooling costs are what tend to draw people towards a quiet cool system, but the successful transition will require picking the perfect size system to match your cooling needs. Below are a few ways to determine the exact system you need for your home.


Decide On the Preferred Level of Cool

There are three different levels of cooling you can enjoy with quiet cool systems. There are specific details about your home, such as total square footage that will help determine which system works best. A basic system might save a little money, but it will not efficiently cool a large multi-level home in an arid climate. You should make some decisions about how cool you want to keep your home at all times.


How to Measure the Size of the System Needed

The sizes are generally measured using a CFM calculation, or cubic feet per minute. 2 is considered basic, 2.5 better, and 3 is best. Each stage up offers a fan that displaces more air per minute. This increases the circulation and deepens the overall cooling effect. All systems are energy efficient, but you will need an increasingly powerful fan to make an appreciable difference in cooling.


Number of Fans

Large and multi-level homes will require more than one fan to keep the entire space cool. It will be less taxing on the system. Fans can be placed in out of the way areas like attics and the hallways of a second, or third story. You will quickly notice a difference.


Zoning Demands

You will benefit with a better feeling of cool by blocking off zones of the house that are unused for large portions of the day. It will be easier to control the temperature to the desired level. Zoned systems require the installation of more than one fan. This is to make it possible to move the air through the rooms that are closest to the fan.


Climate Matters

The climate you live in will offer clues as to the size and power of a system that is needed to cool the home. Arid, hot, and dry climates will place a high demand on the system during the day, even though the temperatures drop nicely at night. Homes placed along coastlines will have an easier time staying cool without as much effort.

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