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Luxurious Touches You can Add to Your Own Bathroom

Whether you are completely renovating your bathroom or simply want to add something special to the room, there are several luxurious touches you can turn to. The bathroom is a very functional space, but it is also one of the best places in the home to relax. Use some of the following ideas to turn yours into a retreat that you can look forward to at the end of a busy day as well as a space that can help you get moving each and every morning.

Spacious Vanities

Space is a priority in any bathroom. You need counter space to spread out things like your makeup or hair products, and it is especially nice to have room for everyone that will be using this space each day. You also need storage for items when they aren’t being used. Installing a new sink and vanity can give you all of this and more. Measure your space carefully to avoid purchasing one that is to large for your bathroom. You will discover many designs once you begin shopping that include ample cabinetry underneath as well as large counter space.

Showers and Tubs

Depending on how your existing tub and shower are, there are several ways to make them more enjoyable. Sometimes all that is needed is a nice surround for the current shower and tub combination. If these two items are separate, or you only have one or the other, consider upgrading. Sunken tubs can be relaxing, romantic, and beautiful in any bathroom. You could even build your own steam room with products for retailers like ThearmaSol.


Privacy is a must for any bathroom, especially if two or more people share this room. If space allows, create some privacy nooks that will allow more than one person to comfortably use the bathroom at the same time. Install walls and a separate door around the toilet for ultimate privacy. You can also move the sink and vanity area to just outside of the bathroom. Not only does this add privacy, but it also increases the space for the tub and shower and makes room for new additions to this area.

You have to use the bathroom every day, so why not turn it into a relaxing and luxurious oasis. You’ll gain a new appreciation for this very functional space and look forward to spending time there every morning and each night. Whether you install a new vanity area, a relaxing tub or shower, or simply add privacy to this room, you will thoroughly enjoy this often overlooked room.

Three Options For Sealing Your Basement

You know Chicago was built upon wetlands, right? Who doesn’t? The city’s design and infrastructure make it obvious, and that’s why Chicago area homeowners need to stay on top of their home maintenance if they want to moisture-proof their floors. It’s not just basements, either. Making sure you don’t get excess moisture in your below-ground levels is important, but even homeowners without a lower level find moisture can come up through unsealed floors if they’re in an area that’s just a little soggier than average. Here are the options you can use to seal any ground-level or below-ground-level floor to keep your home warm and dry.


Tile is a time-tested classic for putting up a barrier between your home and the elements. In use since ancient times, it is great for sealing against moisture coming in and for protecting floors that frequently get wet from damage, like your bathroom floor. The only problem with it is the grout and tile tend to wear down, so you will face periodic needs for replacement. That leaves gaps in your protection.

Sealed Concrete

Painted-on sealants over concrete are also very popular, and they do a good job when they are maintained and inspected regularly. The problem is, eventually sealants start to age and peel, and that, again, leaves gaps in your protection. If you’ve got the maintenance routine down and you don’t mind re-sealing every three to five years, though, you’ll get some good protection in between coats.

Epoxy Flooring

The option that can take the most wear over time while still providing great protection is epoxy flooring. Unlike tile and concrete, it’s a durable, permanent solution that won’t need to be redone every few years. Professionally installed Chicago epoxy flooring not only provides protection with less maintenance, but it also looks great. You can customize the appearance to match the decor wherever it’s installed, too. With that kind of flexibility, it’s not hard to understand why epoxy is taking off as the new trend for homeowners who are renovating basements, workshops, garages, and other project spaces. It’s also a great solution for exercise rooms, providing a protective barrier under your floor pads.

While tile might look best in a place like a bathroom, it can be a bear to repair if it’s in a high traffic area like your basement. Sealed concrete might seem like a bargain, too, until you weigh the maintenance costs of reapplication every few years. If you’re looking for the longest lifespan for your new floors, you can’t beat epoxy.

Checking Out Options for Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your home depends on the materials with which you insulate it. When you use materials that wear out quickly or are not thick enough to block out heat and cold, you may notice your utility bills are higher. You also may notice that your home is either too hot or cold for the season.

However, when you use a material that is designed to block out weather elements and last for longer periods of time, you may see a drop in your utility expenses and enjoy greater comfort in your home. By going online to learn about poly fiber, fiberglass, and spray foam insulation maryland homeowners like you can make the best decision regarding the energy efficiency of your house.

More for Less

You might wonder why you should choose foam out of all of the available insulation materials. After all, in your mind foam might be something that is reserved for packaging or protecting valuables than putting inside of the walls.

In fact, foam has proven itself to be one of the more innovative insulators because it can effectively block out a variety of elements including wind, heat, and cold. It is also low in cost, making it ideal for people who need to insulate their homes on a budget.

With the way that foam is applied to the inside of the walls, you can get more insulation for less money than what you would pay for other choices like fiberglass. It can be sprayed relatively thinly and not have to be piled up layer upon layer to get the desired effect. Further, insulating your home with foam may take less time than it would to unroll layers of fiberglass insulation and tack it into place.

Foam is also one of the more preferred choices for fire prevention. It will not burn, which could help your home avoid extensive damage in a fire. Your homeowner’s insurance company may ask that you use foam to insulate your home for these reasons. You can find out more about this material online today.

Update Your Bathroom With a Refinished Bathtub

Are you dreaming of having a spa-like bathroom in your home, but you don’t want to spend your kid’s college fund on a bathroom remodel? Tub refinishing Baltimore is a cost-effective solution that will give you the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank!

What Is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtubs wear down over time, and the slippery surface of your aging bathtub is a disaster waiting to happen. Bathtub refinishing restores your bathtub to its original condition.

Is Bathtub Refinishing Right for You?

Bathtub refinishing is a great option if your bathtub is stained, cracked or chipped. Refinishing works well with enamel, porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs.

Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing

When you have your bathtub refinished by a professional refinishing company, you’ll get a bathtub that looks brand new without having to pay for a new fixture. Professional bathtub refinishing companies use a high-gloss finish that won’t fade, and your refinished bathtub will be under warranty for years to come. The entire process takes less than a day to complete, and you can even choose to have a non-slip surface incorporated into your finish.

Avoid DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kits

Homeowners hoping to save money often go the do-it-yourself route, but bathtub resurfacing is one project that should be left to the professionals. Bathtub refinishing kits aren’t very durable, and they don’t come with a warranty. If you’re unhappy with the DIY bathtub refinishing results, you’ll have to pay a professional more to fix it.

Wall Surrounds

You might be tempted to replace the tiles surrounding your bathtub when you have it refinished. A wall surround is a less expensive option that doesn’t require any major demolition. Wall surrounds fit over existing tiles, and you’ll never have to scrub dirty grout again.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn an outdated bathroom into a modern masterpiece. Simple improvements can increase the value of your home and create a relaxing oasis for your family to enjoy.

Hiring Professional Contractors to Maintain Decorative Bodies of Water

A pond or lake on your property may be the perfect addition to your landscape. You take pride in how beautiful it is and how much value it adds to your property. You also may delight in the fact that it attracts wildlife like geese and ducks to your yard.

Maintaining its beauty can be a challenge during some seasons of the year particularly during the summer when ponds and lakes tend to become scummy and dirty. The growth on the top of the water can smell bad and be an embarrassment to you as the owner. However, you could hire landscaping professionals for pond algae identification, cleaning, and aeration by going to the website today.

Determining the Risk at Hand

Algae comes in a variety of forms. The different varieties grow from different kinds of spores. You have no idea how the algae on your pond got started without hiring someone who knows how to identify it.

The contractors you can hire today know how to take the existing algae on the pond and determine from what spores it has grown. Depending on where you live and the conditions of the weather, you could have several different types of algae growing, all that present their own unique risk to your pond.

Once the contractors know what they are dealing with, however, they can determine the best course of remedy to clean up your pond. They may use resources like shock tablets or a special kind of salt that will kill the algae. The resources they use will not pose a hazard to the wildlife that live in and around the water.

The contractors can also come to your property to maintain your pond on a regular basis. They can keep the pond clean all year long for you.

You may not have the skills to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your pond. You may need to hire professionals for this purpose. They can determine what kind of algae is growing on the water and then use the appropriate treatments to get rid of it permanently.