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Advice for Moving on a Budget

The thought of moving can often bring feelings of exhaustion, dread and fear. The reality of moving is simply packing, loading and shuffling box after box. Beyond that you have cleaning both old and new residences, working to restore order and nursing a back injury from improper lifting techniques. Some of this stress can be alleviated, such as renting the right moving equipment (complete with heavy duty casters for easy navigation) or hiring a cleaning company to take care of preparing your new space. While these ideas might seem costly, we can help you save money in other areas so you can prioritize your needs.

Many estimates are free.

If you are hesitant to tackle the moving thing on your own or you don’t have the time to pack and transport your entire life in a moving truck, you might consider a quality moving company. Before booking the cheapest advertised services, do your research. Try to get a referral, but definitely call for an estimate. Many times these are offered at no cost, and having someone physically see is needed in order to move you will give you and them a better idea of how to move you safely and efficiently. Make a comparison between estimates and decide on the best.

Try to make money before you spend money.

As you consider your new location, think about the size and space of your belongings and how well they fit into your new home. If you do end up using a moving company, you can save money by only moving what you intend to keep in your new home. Don’t guess at how much furniture you will need or misjudge how it all is going to fit. Draft a layout of your new home and arrange your pieces accordingly. What won’t fit can be sold at a yard sale, online forums, social media sites or taken to a thrift store. Not only will this save on your overall moving costs, but you may also find you have earned enough to purchase a special new piece for the new home.

Rely on free help.

If you choose not to use a moving company or you need to save money by packing everything yourself, invite your friends over for a packing party. A good friend will come to help you out in a jam, but if you throw in some pizza, adult beverages and great conversation, you will find them lined up to get the job done. Use your friendships to help save a few bucks!

Rounding Up Rugs

If you don’t have carpet in your living room but want a soft surface to walk on, there are a few options that you have. One would be shag rugs for living room floors. When you begin looking at this type of rug, you need to consider whether you have pets or children because things that get spilled on this kind of rug often get moved around and embedded in the material. Even though shag rugs come in monotone colors, consider getting one that has multiple colors so that it can blend with more furnishings and decorations in your home. Black, white, and gray or beige and brown are good color combinations to consider depending on the large pieces of furniture that you have in the living room.

When you begin looking at companies like Roth Rugs for something that you want to put on the living room floor, you need to consider the size of the room so that you get a rug that isn’t too large or one that’s too small. You also need to consider the comfort of the rug that you get so that you enjoy walking on the floor after it’s placed. Find out how to clean the rug. Some shag rugs require quite a bit of care because of the way that they are designed.

The rug that you choose should at least cover the area of the floor where your couch and chair or loveseat are placed. Think about where the front legs of the couch are in the room, positioning the rug right at these legs with the loveseat or couch on the opposite side and a coffee table in the center.

A blue rug with shades of green or coral woven in can create a beautiful coastal appearance in the living room along with a few seashell decorations and either gray or white furniture. A vibrant rug can create a stunning appearance, especially when you first walk into the room. Try to pair a bright rug with neutral furnishings. Pink and orange are good colors if the walls are white or a light color while blue and green are good colors to consider if the walls are brown or shades of brown. If you want to make a statement in your living room, then you might want to get a rug that has a pattern or a clear design. Try to use a rug that has colors in it that are the same shade as your living room furniture as each component will bring out their own details when you see them together.

Seasonal Heating Maintenance

With the change in seasons you may find it is time to have your heating system serviced. These systems rarely stop working on the best timetable, rather they tend to go on the fritz on the coldest day of the year. Paying attention to your system, and having regular maintenance checks, is one way to minimize your need to call for service when the weather is at the coldest, and the repair service is likely at its busiest. Maintaining your system allows you to fix small problems before they cause you to need major repairs.

Signs Your System Needs Maintenance

Strange Noises
Anytime you hear strange noises coming from your furnace or the cabinet area, you may want to contact heating repair Austin. These noises can sometimes be nothing, but if it is a new noise and not one that normally comes from your system, it probably deserves a visit.

Increase in Your Energy Bill
An increase in your energy bill may be an indicator that your heating system is working longer and harder to do its job. While it is normal to experience some variation in your bill, an increase that seems striking should send you looking at your bill for the same time period last year. Also, if you notice an increase in your bill, pay attention to your system. You may notice that your system is running continuously. While you don’t want your system to continually kick on and off, it also should not run constantly. This indicates problems you should check out immediately.

Your House Doesn’t Feel Warm
If you keep increasing the temperature on the thermostat and the house is still not warm enough, it may indicate problems either with your thermostat or your system. Regardless, it is important to get this checked out, because running the system continuously is not good, and will lead to additional wear.

The System is Constantly Kicking On and Off
The opposite problem of running constantly is a system that kicks on and off in short, sporadic bursts. This is called short-cycling and is not good for your system. In addition to the wear and tear on your system by constantly kicking on and off, your energy costs will go sky high due to the increase in use during the start-stop-start cycle.

If your heating system is experiencing any of these issues, it makes sense to contact Daniel’s Austin. Early maintenance helps you detect problems before they become major expenses. Whether you get a maintenance checkup once a year or haven’t had one since you installed your unit, it makes sense to schedule the time for one before an emergency strikes.

Exterior Features for Beauty and Convenience

There are many ways you can increase the curb appeal of your home while making your outdoor space function in a more diverse manner. Adding structures to your yard can provide additional storage space, gardening space, relaxation areas and entertainment space. Going the extra step and having custom structures that complement the exterior design of your home will elevate the beauty and create unity in the landscape.


A cluttered yard is an unattractive yard. Adding a custom shed to your landscape will provide a place for you to store garden tools, empty containers and any other items that would be unattractive left lying around in the yard. Assembled storage sheds can be used as a workshop or playhouse. A patio and garden area can be added around the shed to further enhance the beauty of the area. You can add custom design details to assembled storage sheds to make them a unique artistic feature in the landscape.


A gazebo can enhance the beauty of your landscape. You can use the structure to create a relaxing retreat or as an entertainment area for a small gathering of friends. A gazebo can be decorated during the holidays. It can also be used to showcase impressive hanging baskets of ferns or colorful summer flowers.


The simplest entryway to a garden can be transformed into an intriguing pathway with an arbor placed at the entrance. Arbors can transform a walkway from mundane to impressive. Arbors provide you with the perfect support for flowering vines that will beautify your landscape. Arbors are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. One outstanding advantage of arbors is, unlike large structures, arbors can be added to small lawns or gardens.

You can get more enjoyment from your outdoor space when you add a shed or gazebo to it. Sheds can be used in a multitude of ways ranging from a storage space to a personal relaxation retreat. Gazebos are an ideal way to increase your outdoor entertainment space and showcase your gardening and decorating skills.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer Barbecue

Summer barbecues allow friends and family to gather together for fun, food, and association. Here are some tips that can help you plan the perfect summer barbecue.

The main thing to consider when planning a BBQ is the food. It is what the barbecue is all about. Some of the things that will affect what you choose to have at the BBQ include your guest’s food preferences, your budget, and the amount of work that you want to put into the gathering.

Keep in mind that everyone has food preferences. While you may not completely change the menu for everyone who is gluten-free, low-carb, sugar-free, or has a food allergy, you do want to make sure that these individuals have a couple of options to choose from. In most cases, you are pretty safe if you have a variety of side dishes that contain vegetables. Serving the food buffet style means that everyone can pick and choose what they want on their plate.

Your budget is going to play a large role in what you will serve at the barbecue. If you need to keep things inexpensive, throw some hot dogs on the grill and serve a couple of side dishes. If you have been saving up for the barbecue and don’t mind spending a few bucks, serve a variety of meats and grilled vegetables. Ask your guests to bring a dish, meat to grill, or a drink. This will help you keep the cost down and add more variety.

You have to decide how much work you want to put into the gathering. Are you happy to spend several days smoking meat and then putting on a big barbecue? Or would you rather have everyone sit around the metal sphere fire pit and roast their own hot dogs? While some individuals enjoy preparing for a big gathering and putting work into it, others would prefer something simple. Something simple does not require much preparation or cleanup.

Make sure to have a variety of drink options available for everyone, including the kids. Plan a little bit of entertainment or at least put on some music and you are ready for your summer barbecue.