Custom Metal Fabrication 101

Anytime you need making something out of metal you might want to consider custom metal fabrication. Custom fabrication allows you to select industrial equipment that is available in wide range of options. The metal used can be in the form of carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

The process

there are two forms of raw metal that are available before it has mended and turned into something you use daily; the sheet and the structural metal. The sheets forms are generally available in a form of rectangular rolls that are varied in both sizes and thicknesses. Meanwhile, the structural metal is usually in the form of ready to use kind of forms. Shortly, it has already formed certain shapes that can be either in angles, beam, channels, or HSS.

The process of fabricating metal include three main stages that are metal cutting, metal forming, and metal assembly. In the first stage, which is the cutting process, some tools are used to divide the metal into some pieces of cuttings. Saws, shears, lasers, punches, and notches are used during this process. But, when it comes to articulate cuts, shears are used. Meanwhile, in case of something more complicated like circle or any other curves, plasma and laser are more preferable. There will time when you need to make a metal opening. If it is the case, high pressure means that involves punches and notches are required.

After the cutting process, the next step would be assembling and joining. Once you come to this stage, you will realize that there are actually many shapes required to make a solid assembled. Seems like the thing will go so tiring. But, the other thing will tell you the complete opposite. Seeing storage tanks, conical bottoms, various doors, and many others will engrave curves in your face.


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