Get Your Home Ready for Spring with These 3 Tips

You know that spring is in the air when you see the first crocuses emerge from the snow. Soon, the daffodils will rise up and the birds will return from the south. It’s exciting when spring begins, of course, but for the homeowner, it also comes with stress. This is especially true if your home has suffered any challenges or damages over the previous seasons. There is no need to worry, however. With a little work, your home can be ready for spring and the warmer weather. Here are few tips to help you get your home ready for spring.

1) Make Major Repairs First

Before you start thinking about beautifying or improving your home, face reality and get any major repairs out of the way. While small repairs can be done by yourself, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by contracting with a well-established, local business to make major repairs, instead of trying to do them yourself and making things worse. For example, for serious issues like mold and mildew in basement Cleveland Ohio, you need to act fast and get repairs done before the new season starts. Find a reputable company like Highlander Waterproofing to take care of these major issues before you take on any smaller projects.

2) Check for Underlying Issues

After the snow melts, take a walk around your house and look for small problems before they get bigger. One common example of this is insect infestation. You may not be paying attention during the winter, but come springtime, the signs of a termite or other infestation will become more evident. Act fast before it gets out of control by contacting a reputable exterminator. You should always try natural, non-lethal alternatives first, but problems like termites need to be treated harshly and quickly. Otherwise, a small problem can quickly turn into a big one.

3) Clean and Repair Outdoor Furniture

Once it warms up, you’ll want to spend more time outside. Make sure that your outdoor furniture is ready for the attention. If you have easy-to-clean furniture made of metal or wicker, just hose it down and make sure no repairs are needed. Furniture made of fabric may need a more thorough cleaning, especially if you made the mistake of leaving it out uncovered all winter. Wash off dirt with a hose and environmentally-friendly soap. If you use bleach or other harsh cleaners, make sure you don’t wash them down the street drain, which often drains right into the nearest body of water.

Don’t let repairs sneak up on you. Be proactive at the beginning of the season. Your home will thank you!

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