How to Select the Best Quiet Cool System

Saving money on cooling costs are what tend to draw people towards a quiet cool system, but the successful transition will require picking the perfect size system to match your cooling needs. Below are a few ways to determine the exact system you need for your home.


Decide On the Preferred Level of Cool

There are three different levels of cooling you can enjoy with quiet cool systems. There are specific details about your home, such as total square footage that will help determine which system works best. A basic system might save a little money, but it will not efficiently cool a large multi-level home in an arid climate. You should make some decisions about how cool you want to keep your home at all times.


How to Measure the Size of the System Needed

The sizes are generally measured using a CFM calculation, or cubic feet per minute. 2 is considered basic, 2.5 better, and 3 is best. Each stage up offers a fan that displaces more air per minute. This increases the circulation and deepens the overall cooling effect. All systems are energy efficient, but you will need an increasingly powerful fan to make an appreciable difference in cooling.


Number of Fans

Large and multi-level homes will require more than one fan to keep the entire space cool. It will be less taxing on the system. Fans can be placed in out of the way areas like attics and the hallways of a second, or third story. You will quickly notice a difference.


Zoning Demands

You will benefit with a better feeling of cool by blocking off zones of the house that are unused for large portions of the day. It will be easier to control the temperature to the desired level. Zoned systems require the installation of more than one fan. This is to make it possible to move the air through the rooms that are closest to the fan.


Climate Matters

The climate you live in will offer clues as to the size and power of a system that is needed to cool the home. Arid, hot, and dry climates will place a high demand on the system during the day, even though the temperatures drop nicely at night. Homes placed along coastlines will have an easier time staying cool without as much effort.

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