Plumbing Tips For Protecting The Value And Integrity Of Your Home

Your plumbing system is one of the most important property features to consider as you set up your home maintenance plan. After all, if this system malfunctions, your home could be rendered unusable for a significant amount of time. Moreover, with major floods and back-up events, the resulting property damages can diminish the overall value of your investment. As such, diligently caring for your plumbing is one of the absolute best things that you can do to protect your most important asset. Following are a few, simple tips to help you get started.

Never Use Corrosive Chemicals To Clean Your Drains

Store-bought drain cleaning solutions are often used by homeowners as a quick fix to blocked or slow-moving drains. Although these products are incredibly cheap and easy to access, they usually do far more harm than good. Chemical drain cleaners are highly corrosive and thus, if they aren’t able to clear blockages and move swiftly through your pipes, they’ll gradually start eating away at these structures. This can cause a number of slow and hidden leaks that often take months to identify. If you cannot clear a blocked drain with a plunger or a drain snake, it’s best to turn to the plumbers Atlanta residents rely on instead.

Schedule A Whole-House Plumbing Inspection At Least Once Each Year

All homeowners should schedule whole-house plumbing inspections at least once each year. This gives plumbing professionals the chance to identify slow and hidden leaks that are hidden behind baseboards, appliances, and drywall, before extensive, moisture-related damages can start cropping up. During these visits, your provider can check your water pressure and other factors that might be impacting your water bill. The overarching goal of these visits is simply to identify and resolve minor issues before these have the chance to spiral out of control.

Find Out Which Provisions For Plumbing Maintenance Are Made By Your Home Insurance Plan

It is always cheaper to prevent plumbing issues than it is to repair them. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t think that they have sufficient money for routine plumbing maintenance. Surprisingly, however, many comprehensive home insurance plans will pay for up to three service visits from a licensed plumbing company each year. Taking the time to read through the special provisions that your policy makes will allow you to get optimum value from this coverage. It will also make it infinitely easier to maintain a diligent plumbing maintenance routine.

Practice Good Drain Maintenance

You don’t need to schedule a visit with your plumber in order to take good care of your drains. There are a number of steps that you can take everyday to keep your drains smelling fresh and flowing freely. For instance, all drains should be fitted with proper covers to prevent small items from slipping down into them. You should also make sure that young children are not bathing with toys that are small enough to get sucked down into the bath tub or shower drains. Finally, never use your kitchen sink to get rid of oils or rendered fats. These should instead be cooled in disposable containers and discarded in the trash. When necessary, you can clear any slow-moving or foul-smelling drains by flushing them with a homemade solution of equal parts white vinegar and baking soda.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep your home plumbing system in top shape. With routine inspections and diligent drain care, you can side-step a host of common problems. More importantly, knowing when to connect with a reputable, local plumber will allow you to get rapid solutions for any plumbing issues that do arise, long before these have the chance to impact the value and integrity of your abode.

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