Roofing Contractors in Minneapolis

Few homeowners will argue that the most important component of their house is roof. It not only serves an aesthetic function, but it also keeps water and other outside elements from getting inside. While no one likes finding roofing contractors in Minneapolis and paying to replace a roof, the critical function it serves makes the cost worth it.

Perhaps you have spotted a leak in the ceiling and figure it is time to get a new roof. However, there could be many different problems that are causing the leak. Factors that determine whether you need a repair or new roof can vary. Below are a few things that can help you determine if it is time to replace the roof to your home.

1. Your Roof is Over 20 Years Old

According to most experts, a standard roof lasts between 20 and 25 years. Another factor determining whether it is time for a new one is if the old roof was removed and just a single layer of shingles remains. If the roof on your home is older than 20 years and it was installed over several layers, there is a good possibility that you need a new one.

2. Visible Issues with Shingles

A visible inspection of your roof may show that some shingles are curling and buckling. This is another sign that the shingles are beyond their life expectancy and it is time for a new roof. Looking at the slopes of your house where there is direct sunlight, you might notice some shingles are curling. Missing shingles also indicates that your roof is beginning to fail.

3. Granules from Shingles in the Gutters

In addition to the buckling and curling, you might find granules from shingles inside gutters. If the gutters around your house are filled with shingle granules, your roof might be near the end of its life cycle. This is when more granules are lost. Also, check for a darker or inconsistent color on different parts of the roof. This is a telltale sign that granules have worn away.

4. You See Daylight through Roof Boards

If you have an attic, check to see if daylight comes through the roof boards. For obvious reasons, this is not a good sign. If light comes through your roof, cold air, snow and rain can also get inside. Moisture in the insulation is another thing to check.

Either one of these signs could mean it is time to invest in a new roof. Doing nothing does not extend the amount of time you have left. Contacting a roofing expert as soon as possible will put you ahead.

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