The Top Myths About Basements


Any homeowner with a basement might consider it to be the most mysterious part of their house. When it comes to basements, there always seems like there’s so much that can go wrong. From flooding to other issues, basements can seem intimidating. Here are some of the top myths about basements and their corresponding truths.

Myth: It’s Normal For Basements To Flood

Many homeowners with basements will periodically experience flooding, especially during times of heavy snow or rain. Many people think that it’s normal for basements to experience some degree of flooding when the weather is bad. While it’s common, it certainly isn’t normal. In fact, minor flooding over time can cause some serious problems. If your basement experiences even a minor degree of flooding during inclement weather, contact one of the many waterproofing contractors Illinois.

Myth: Finishing Your Basement Is A Waste Of Time and Money

A finished basement gives you even more space in your home. It can become a den, a home gym or even a second bedroom. However, many people who don’t have an immediate need for more space will consider finishing their basement to be a waste of time and money. Even if you don’t have an immediate need for more space, finishing your basement can drastically raise the selling value of your home. Just about everyone who remodels their basement is happy that they did so.

Myth: There Are Certain Parts Of The Country Where It’s Impossible To Build Basements

Some people believe that in areas like Oklahoma, it’s impossible to build basements because of the topography of the region. It’s true that in the old days, basements were impossible to build in some parts of the country. However, thanks to advancements in engineering and technology, there is no area in the United States where it is impossible to build a home with a basement. There might be regions where basements are uncommon, but they can be built just about anywhere.

The next time you hear one of these common myths about basements, feel free to debunk it and spread the truth.

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